2022-12-01 I’ve just returned from a three week trip to India which was full of spending time with …

2022-11-26 Sunset Taj

2022-11-13 Scenes around New Delhi

2022-11-10 It has been a while since I did one of these! Upload images using Mimi.

2022-11-03 Todays sunrise. A minute before this it was all shades of pink. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-10-29 Just noticed that my Obsidian notes folder was missing a lot of files. I use iCloud to sync it. …

2022-10-28 All social activities happen in bubbles. Even IRL. As long as a platform allows me to manage that …

2022-10-27 When President Biden visited Portland recently, his motorcade went down the road that’s two …

2022-10-26 My iPad was cold to the touch this morning. Then I started reading Viticci’s Stage Manager …

2022-10-24 Happy Diwali 🪔

2022-10-23 Yesterday I visited a couple of galleries after a long time. I got this gorgeous 12" x 12" …

2022-10-21 Mr. Momo enjoying the first rains of the season through a new window. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-10-17 Foggy morning in the neighborhood. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-10-14 Friendly Neighborhood Werewolf. 9:15 AM, October 14th 2022. Portland, Oregon.

2022-10-12 Mimi Uploader Now Supports Alt Text for Recent Uploads 🎉

2022-10-12 Birthday Cakes

2022-09-28 Waking up Upload images using Mimi.

2022-09-24 📷 A Bike Ride to Kelley Point Park

2022-09-23 Goodbye summer Upload images using Mimi.

2022-09-19 Mimi Uploader beta is out with Alt Text support

2022-09-18 Fish tank friends at Yoko’s sushi restaurant. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-09-14 Visiting Neighbor Upload images using Mimi.

2022-09-11 Twenty-three years in the US today.

2022-09-09 Hazy Fiery Dawn Upload images using Mimi.

2022-09-08 Mimi Uploader now offers more options for image processing and exporting 🎉

2022-08-31 😐 Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-27 What’s going on outside? Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-25 👀 Another sneak peek of a new feature for Mimi Uploader. You will soon be able to change the upload …

2022-08-25 Sweet summer Sun sights Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-20 Five days ago was the day that marked 50% of my life in the US, I realized today.

2022-08-19 Sneak peek at upcoming support for Alt Text in Mimi Uploader 👀 As you can see, this also …

2022-08-07 Momo moments. Film: Kodak Ultramax (ISO 400) Camera: Voigtländer Bessa R2a Upload images using …

2022-08-06 Grapevine 🤝 Tomato Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-05 Overhead. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-04 Mr. Momo. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-08-01 Morning bee on coneflower. Close crop of bee. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-07-31 Riding the 2022 World Naked Bike Ride

2022-07-28 Summer evening lilies. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-07-22 Grapevine on rosé cloud. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-07-15 Hot on the heels of the release of the first images from JWST, the team also released the data used …

2022-07-15 First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

2022-07-04 Back at making some p5.js stuff. Revisiting a previous piece, but this time making the lines look …

2022-06-29 Hiking up Steamboat Rock

2022-06-25 A video of every image from the navigation camera on Ingenuity helicopter on Mars

2022-06-21 I was playing around with Mars 2020 (Perseverance rover) image data and made this data visualization …

2022-06-16 Mimi Uploader 2022.0 is out with new features for Recent Uploads 🎉

2022-06-13 After mulling over the change to the Recent Uploads interface over the last month, it seemed like …

2022-06-08 Every morning I come into the living room and sit on the sofa and my brain says, …

2022-06-05 Sunset at Steamboat Rock Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-31 Once I’d made the previous piece, I kept imagining those little black rectangles in motion, so …

2022-05-28 For today’s p5.js exercise I went with inspiration from an art piece, specifically, Piet …

2022-05-27 Today’s p5.js exploration went somewhere weird… Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-27 A query for computer keyboard people. After a few days with an ErgoDox EZ I borrowed from a friend, …

2022-05-26 Playing around with p5.js again… Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-22 Playing around with p5.js. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-20 Springy Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-17 Cookware Rack

2022-05-15 Grooming. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-05-08 Neighborhood dogwoods in the gray. As I was taking these photos I was thinking how I prefer the …

2022-05-06 Sneak peek at a new feature coming soon to Mimi Uploader

2022-04-29 A micro meetup photo with @jean, @Burk, and @rishabh. @collin was there as well but had left when …

2022-04-27 Four lovely yet very different photos from my Glass timeline in the last couple of days. …

2022-04-15 My partner, Jenni, made this wonderful Portland illustration 😍, now available on Cotton Bureau! …

2022-04-11 We got some very rare snow today. Apparently haven’t seen snow like this since they started …

2022-04-10 Our cherry poofs have arrived. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-04-07 This is why Portlanders go nuts when we get a warm sunny day in spring 😄 Upload images using Mimi.

2022-04-03 Over the last week I framed and installed a window in the shed in our yard. As part of this …

2022-03-30 Hubble flexing before JWST goes fully operational – Record Broken: Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever …

2022-03-28 Backyard fire at sunset. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-03-23 Got a new card for my driver license. 2014 (Left) vs 2022 (Right). And… as a GIF! Upload images …

2022-03-12 Had a great time at Micro camp yesterday and today. Great talks that had me thinking about how I can …

2022-03-09 Looking up during winter sunsets. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-02-25 Upload images using Mimi.

2022-02-22 Given today’s date, here are 10 facts about the number two. It is the smallest prime. It is …

2022-02-21 Contemplating making Mimi Uploader a free app, supported with ads. I would only do this in a way …

2022-02-18 A street vendor sets up strawberries for sale in Mahabaleshwar. December, 2021. Upload images …

2022-02-11 Waiting for sushi… Upload images using Mimi.

2022-02-09 Foggy morning on Mt. Tabor Update: Read about this fog from NASA Earth Observatory. Upload …

2022-02-08 Someone has found a new way to utilize the curtain Upload images using Mimi.

2022-02-03 Landing at PDX a couple of weeks ago. Upload images using Mimi.

2022-02-02 I wish digital maps made this scale interactive. One ought to be able to stretch, shrink, rotate, …

2022-02-02 I’d never heard of Måneskin before seeing them on SNL. What a pleasant surprise! Refreshing, …

2022-01-26 Bagfortbed Upload images using Mimi.

2022-01-09 Prettiest sunset of this trip so far 😍 Mumbai, India. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-12-31 Happy New Year! Upload images using Mimi.

2021-12-28 Seagulls Sea Link Mumbai, India. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-12-15 Too close to macro Upload images using Mimi.

2021-12-05 A decommissioned mailbox in Mahabaleshwar. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-12-01 Somewhere over the North Sea a few days ago. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-11-16 Foster Road. Portland, Oregon. 16th November, 2021. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-26 Portland, Oregon. 24th October, 2021. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-24 I don’t know Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-23 Fall colors in the yard. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-22 📷 A Late Summer Hike Around Trillium Lake Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-20 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-17 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-15 Bisbee, Arizona. 25th September, 2021. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-14 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-08 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-05 Some fall vibes around the neighborhood. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-04 Jenni cracks a geode at the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-10-03 📷 Flying over Arizona and Utah

2021-09-26 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-24 Somewhere near Elgin, Arizona. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-18 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-17 Smoky valleys in the Mt. Hood area this morning. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-15 Mt. Hood looking super dry and bare at the end of summer. Trillium Lake. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-12 I went on a photowalk with my friend Andrew today and got to try a really old Leica lens that he …

2021-09-10 Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-08 Under a spruce at sunset. Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-05 Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Camera: Voigtländer Bessa R2a Upload images using Mimi.

2021-09-02 Waiting for tomatoes. Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Camera: Voigtländer Bessa R2a Upload images using …

2021-09-02 My second trial of Apple Music is coming to an end. Still doesn’t feel like it is worth the …

2021-09-01 Hiking in Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge… … we came across this 400 year old oak tree… … with …

2021-08-30 I’ve gotten sucked into Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir just like I got sucked into The Martian …

2021-08-30 Yoga in the yard. Film: Kodak Tri-X 400. Expired. Camera: AgfaPhoto Analog 35mm Reusable Photo …

2021-08-28 Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Camera: Voigtländer Bessa R2a Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-28 Tomatoes in the yard. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-26 The Plan. The Execution. 😋 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-25 Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Camera: Voigtländer Bessa R2a Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-25 Someone’s new art just dropped in the neighborhood ✨  Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-23 I was having mixed feelings about Season 2 of Ted Lasso but E5 removed all doubt. It is clear that …

2021-08-23 The full moon looked really pretty last night. This, however, is grease in a cast-iron pan. …

2021-08-22 Sunday hike in city park with friends 😊 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-21 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-16 This beet is fermenting into achar now. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-16 I’m seeing a lot of discussion around Glass, and I want to add: a) I like it for reasons I …

2021-08-15 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-15 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-13 Corners are for napping Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-12 Waiting for wine Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-11 Mr. Momo toe beans Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-10 Pruning pears. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-10 💰 Financial (Pro?) Tip for US based folks: You can get a free credit report from the main bureaus …

2021-08-10 Good morning! Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-08-04 Achievement Unlocked: Dust on iPhone 12 Pro 1x camera sensor 😭 Update (9th August, 2021): I took it …

2021-07-20 Stopped by the new cart in the neighborhood for some delicious Cuban food for lunch. Images …

2021-07-12 Garlic lady 📷 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-07-12 👋 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-07-11 Some of the garlic from our garden 📷 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-07-10 It’s nice when all the big dust particles come off of the camera sensor in one quick pass with …

2021-07-10 I wish search engine query languages offered an operator that excludes shopping sites and services. …

2021-07-09 So this is what happens to cauliflower if you keep letting it grow. 📷 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-07-06 It has been a year of missing you. It will be a lifetime. Thinking of you and the times we had …

2021-07-03 Neskowin Ghost Forest 📷

2021-06-28 The winds changed on the coast here last night. It got cooler suddenly. This is the cool air coming …

2021-06-27 A Walk on the Beach 📷

2021-06-27 Hope friends in Portland are staying cool. As luck would have it, we picked this weekend to be on …

2021-06-26 Sunlight effects on the Oregon coast. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-06-21 Mimi Uploader 2021.1 is out with main screen layout updates and a tip jar 🎉

2021-06-18 A new TestFlight beta of Mimi Uploader is out for testing with this Tip Jar. If things look good, I …

2021-06-17 This is my first Sailor pen. I got it as a present and have been pleasantly surprised at how nice it …

2021-06-12 Made poha for brunch after a long time 😋 Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-06-11 I like how our rose bushes produce these bouquets. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-06-09 Jenni under a heritage tree. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-06-04 Bathroom Rack

2021-05-31 The latest in wireless purr charging. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-05-30 A new beta of Mimi Uploader will be coming your way shortly. This includes layout updates for the …

2021-05-22 I’m trying out a new image layout algorithm for the main screen on Mimi Uploader. The idea is …

2021-05-17 Aannnnd now it’s been two weeks since my second shot of Moderna. Full effectiveness! So, …

2021-05-16 Recent Uploads on Mimi Uploader

2021-05-13 New Fence and Pergola

2021-05-11 A new build of Mimi Uploader beta is out. In case you’ve been using this recently, let me know …

2021-05-11 Extract URL From Apple News URL

2021-05-01 Poof Progression Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-05-01 Recent Uploads Are Coming to Mimi Uploader

2021-04-29 Two great new features in iOS 14.5

2021-03-15 Recently I traded in my seven year old laptop. These were all the stickers on it. So many memories! …

2021-03-14 Picked up brunch at an urban farm this morning and when we arrived we were right on thyme. Images …

2021-03-14 Hello Daylight. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-03-12 A spring evening at the neighborhood park. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-03-11 A neighborhood kitty. It has the squeakiest meows. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-03-10 I could really use an air filter on the Mac Pro intake side. Every few weeks it looks like this. …

2021-03-04 I was looking forward to reading this book for a while and finally got it from my library. …

2021-03-03 I love this little holey rock that’s right next to where NASA Persevererance rover landed. …

2021-03-02 Excuse me, can I have some privacy please?! #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-03-01 Tree in golden light. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-28 It was nice to light up the fire pit after a long while. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-27 This flower was completely closed a couple of days ago. Now it is pompasetting. #mbfeb Images …

2021-02-26 A rising full moon at twilight is a favorite sight to see. Clouds, especially these fast moving …

2021-02-25 Sometimes, after a day of work, when I’m working on a side project that involves code my brain …

2021-02-24 The baby in this house. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-24 Today marks one year since I launched Mimi Uploader. I use it all the time, and I hope y’all …

2021-02-23 banana #mbfeb For those who can’t read Hindi, it says what you think it says 😄 Images …

2021-02-22 I saw this cloud and wondered if we were in for another rainy spell and fifteen minutes later was …

2021-02-22 Last week NASA landed the Perseverance rover on Mars. I watched live the entry, descent, and landing …

2021-02-22 The colors of macaroons at the local bakery. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-20 The best thing about the weather is that it changes. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-20 The lemon tree is inside so that it can stay alive for the winter. #mbfeb Images uploaded using …

2021-02-19 A winter storm

2021-02-18 Jenni makes wonderful pizzas at home 😋 #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-17 The snow appears still but the thaw is real and constant. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-16 This fence in the neighborhood certainly looks like it is the work of an erudite mind. #mbfeb …

2021-02-15 Today was the big thaw after the winter storm. The sun came out and there was much reflection. …

2021-02-14 With Olive unwell and wearing a cone there have been times when I’ve perceived genuine …

2021-02-13 It’s rare but sometimes the rain can make icicles on our windows. #mbfeb Images uploaded …

2021-02-12 I bet this sugar water tastes better than a sporg. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-11 Going with the watch theme in the footsteps of @maique and @purisubzi for today’s prompt: …

2021-02-10 The creature in this house with the most energy. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-09 This may look like a trail but is just the sidewalk near a park that gets real muddy with all the …

2021-02-08 Olive is having a tough time with an eye issue. I hope she feels better soon and that her vision is …

2021-02-07 A bit of soda for an afternoon caffeine craving. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-06 Mr. Momo loves the tiny bug hunting sport. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-05 Our pets. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-04 Layers of concrete and moss. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-03 A shaded spot is essential for afternoon nap comfort. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-02 Looking at the sunrise with a Portland morning beverage. #mbfeb Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-02-01 close up. #mbfeb Olive is having a relaxing day after a bunch of exams and tests at the hospital …

2021-01-24 Reservoir and distant picnickers at Mt. Tabor yesterday. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2021-01-19 Came across this nice looking vintage truck in the neighborhood yesterday. Images uploaded using …

2021-01-18 Yesterday we went on a little sunset walk in the wetlands of Oaks Bottom here in Portland. …

2021-01-11 In these wintry overcast rainy days, the brief appearances of sunlight give moments to cherish. …

2021-01-06 Lovely sunrise colors yesterday. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-12-28 Yesterday I finished reading The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. I read the first book last …

2020-12-21 Ooh, it’s a once-in-400-years great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn today. More info here. 😍

2020-12-01 Some photos from a walk on the waterfront a few days ago. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-12-01 RIP Arecibo Observatory.

2020-11-20 A lovely foggy sunrise this morning. Images uploaded using Mimi.


2020-11-18 Stormy on the horizon. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-11-13 Literally working like this right now. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-11-10 Two kitties and a hummingbird. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-11-09 Some Fall colors from around the neighborhood. And one of our rose bushes is still making lovely …

2020-11-02 Full moon at sunrise yesterday. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-10-24 A New Gardening Bed

2020-10-23 Sunrise Fall colors today. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-10-20 Shady Kitten Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-10-19 Wiring and Installing a Video Doorbell With Mechanical Chime

2020-10-18 Jenni hanging out with some dirtbags. Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-10-14 In these pandemic times, my day usually starts with a walk around the neighborhood. I often see the …

2020-10-12 For my birthday, I had four slices of different cakes over the last three days 😋 They were all …

2020-10-10 Ha! The “What’s New” section for Mimi Uploader seems to be getting more verbose with each …

2020-10-09 Mimi Uploader now lets you switch your blog

2020-10-02 A ruddy sunset last night… And a foggy morning today… Images uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-28 A short hike in Forest Park

2020-09-27 Our latest album’s cover art. Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-26 Nice clouds and colors. That is all. Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-24 New version of Mimi Uploader is now available on the App Store

2020-09-24 Some people: I’m concerned about always on recording devices, so I only have them in certain …

2020-09-20 I almost made an app last year that would give me this kind of a notification. And now it’s …

2020-09-20 Over the last few days I’ve released daily updates to the Mimi Uploader beta. I expect that …

2020-09-18 New version of Mimi Uploader is now available on Testflight

2020-09-17 I made a little weather dashboard app years ago. It’s only on my iPhone. One visual detail I …

2020-09-14 First sighting of some clouds and a bit of blue sky after several days. Nice to see but this …

2020-09-13 We’re sending smoke to midwest and east coast. You’re welcome!

2020-09-11 On a walk in the neighborhood a couple of days ago before the AQI got really bad. The Sun was a red …

2020-09-08 Excited about the next version of Mimi Uploader for iOS 14

2020-09-08 Pandemic windstorm afternoon walk. Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-06 Picked a few pears from our tree. Not sure they’re ready. Might wait another week or so to pick …

2020-09-05 A tandoori chicken dinner is a good dinner 😋 Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-04 Uh oh, this may lead to a problem 😬 Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-03 The garden continues to provide us with good stuff 😋 Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-02 Interesting alert when uninstalling Epson printer software. Wasn’t sure if it was referring to …

2020-09-01 Mr. Momo discovers that ropes are great for climbing and biting. Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-09-01 All My August Photo Challenge Posts on

2020-08-31 I love that Mr. Momo can make himself cozy on my messy desk and give me company during the workday. …

2020-08-30 Today’s morning walk discovery was this vibrant bush that stopped me in my tracks to take a …

2020-08-29 Flaky fish and chips 😋. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-28 Every day has mixed emotions between these two. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-27 Three quarters of this household was overcome by the afternoon Sun. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-26 The relentless game of Golf on Mars strikes a great balance between challenge and ease. #mbaug …

2020-08-25 Today’s lunch sandwich had an heirloom tomato from the yard. I hope to have many tomatoey …

2020-08-24 A shot of frosty vodka and a puzzle. Happy Monday 🥶 #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-23 The most graceful kitty in this house. #mbaug P.S. Ok so it got late and I’m kinda phoning …

2020-08-22 Jenni paints a new color on the main door to our home. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-21 Made pakoras after a long time. The crunch on that fried batter didn’t disappoint 😋 #mbaug …

2020-08-20 Having Mr. Momo in the house is a change that is giving Olive a hard time. #mbaug Uploaded using …

2020-08-19 Ribbons decorate a house. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-19 Script Kitty

2020-08-18 The Wall Grid. This one is stretching it a bit 😄. It got late and I had to hunt around for today’s …

2020-08-17 Cuddly for a minute, wiggly for a while. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-16 The heat wave got this guy to be stationary for a bit #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-15 Onion flower silhouette at sunset #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-15 An update on my usage of Setapp

2020-08-15 What’s a banana toy among friends #mbaug P.S. This one is coming a day late. There goes my 30 day …

2020-08-13 I’m grateful for this filter but sometimes it gets in the way. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-13 A neighborhood story. Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-12 A cheese board can totally be a sound dinner #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-11 Transport #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-10 Screens are just lots of little windows. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-09 Roses are black-and-white #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-08 A view of the living room #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-07 No daytripping these days, just walks around the neighborhood. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-06 The midrib bisects this grapevine leaf as the fractal pattern continues into the veins. #mbaug …

2020-08-05 it’s a good time when wine and ink flow together #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-05 I’ve started to put the August Photoblogging Challenge prompts into a public Google Calendar …

2020-08-04 Tomatoes and peace. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-03 A bug at work. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-02 Floating in for a landing. #mbaug Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-08-01 Things are looking up for this rose bush as the weather has gotten warmer. #mbaug Uploaded using …

2020-07-28 Thank you neighbors who put up cool art in the neighborhood 😊 Uploaded using Mimi.

2020-07-23 Last weekend Jenni got to go paddle boarding on a cute lake thanks to the generosity of friends and …

2020-07-19 Farewell, My Brother

2020-07-02 Last weekend we visited the International Rose Test Garden, a Portland landmark. We try and go each …

2020-06-22 Photos from morning walks around the neighborhood over the last few weeks.

2020-06-21 Apps by developers on my iPhone: 246 Apps by Apple I use regularly: 6 Without developers I have no …

2020-06-21 A couple of days ago I finished reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was …

2020-06-02 Just saw two great examples of tech activism. First was an Instagram story where all you had to do …

2020-05-30 Besties.

2020-05-14 Magic Trackpad 2 or: How I Started to Prefer Gestures and Taps to Gripping and Clicking

2020-05-09 Colors of Spring from around the neighborhood.

2020-04-21 Dogwood at sunset.

2020-04-14 It took a while but I finally finished this puzzle over the weekend. Jenni helped with about 20% of …

2020-04-08 When Siri doesn’t understand my accent or the concept of dal.

2020-04-06 We’re taking care of each other in this neighborhood.

2020-03-24 My most used emoji seems to be transitioning from 😂 to 🤞

2020-03-21 A day off from work was a good idea. We went for a hike at Coyote Wall. The trails have a gentle …

2020-03-18 If you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, here’s how you can get two months free at this time: …

2020-03-17 It was pretty lovely outside today.

2020-03-16 As many of us practice social distancing, or self-quarantine, I am feeling very grateful to the …

2020-03-15 There There by Tommy Orange ★★★★☆ Added to /books

2020-03-14 This is a very nice explanation of need for social distancing at this time: …

2020-03-14 We got some rare snow today. Apparently haven’t seen snow like this in March since 1968.

2020-03-10 This cherry blossomed yard in the neighborhood 😍

2020-03-10 Books

2020-03-09 Flowers at sunset, after rain.

2020-03-02 All My February Photo Challenge Posts on

2020-03-01 A vision of the coming Spring.

2020-02-29 Yard foliage on this leap day.

2020-02-28 Looking out and below on a moody afternoon.

2020-02-27 When your mom wants to be together too much.

2020-02-26 I’m kinda hitting escape on today’s photo challenge prompt.

2020-02-25 Bird hurdle.

2020-02-24 This one was loopy, maybe seeing double I wonder, as she was coming out of the effect of anesthesia …

2020-02-24 Announcing Mimi Uploader for hosted blogs

2020-02-23 A couple of neighborhood cats at their sunbeam station.

2020-02-22 The spectacle of roses at Portland Nursery.

2020-02-21 Progress has been made on replacing one plant with another.

2020-02-20 It’s fascinating how a sense of scale can sometimes disappear in photos of textures in nature.

2020-02-19 A backyard view of space, featuring Orion.

2020-02-18 The log does not oppose the ivy.

2020-02-17 The small bit of sunshine on this tree was in stark contrast to the cool morning.

2020-02-16 Making a house is hard work. Even the machine needs its rest day.

2020-02-16 Randomly decided to try and balance the spoon on the lock. It was much easier than I expected.

2020-02-14 One of my valentines found the warmth of the sunbeam right by my office chair today. Of course I …

2020-02-13 The lilies know it’s time to rise.

2020-02-12 Attachment.

2020-02-11 Was planning to have a plain and simple meal of rice and dal but then a few more things got added.

2020-02-10 This sign was the cutest of the three along this section of sidewalk.

2020-02-09 Jenni makes good use of a lull in the winter rains.

2020-02-08 Noticed a nice contrast between the leaves and their edges, as a result of being backlit.

2020-02-08 The view above when bench pressing at the gym.

2020-02-07 This orchid plant by the kitchen window is always a pleasure to look at.

2020-02-06 One downside of the lovely Downlink app wallpapers is that I constantly get to see how sunny it is …

2020-02-05 Sometimes clouds hide the sunsets, other times they reveal them.

2020-02-05 Kitty spotted.

2020-02-04 Reflecting on the fact that daily prompts for photography aren’t really my thing but I’m giving it a …

2020-02-03 Attended a meditative soundscape last night. Helped to turn the sight inwards. And wow those bowls …

2020-02-01 Open reservoir at Mt. Tabor.

2020-01-31 I’m working on an iOS app to batch upload photos to your hosted site. If …

2020-01-31 Achievement Unlocked.

2020-01-30 The morning sun made my keyboard colors pop 😍

2020-01-30 The Morning Show.

2020-01-26 A sunny day made the backyard moss look very vibrant.

2020-01-24 If you had a Geocities site, it may still be living in this archive: …

2020-01-22 “What app should I use to find my friends?” “Find My app” “I …

2020-01-21 As of the last several years, I’ve spent a lot less time gaming than before. I’m basically an …

2020-01-14 I recently discovered and am enjoying it 👍

2020-01-14 Finally mounted this poster that Jenni got for me for Christmas 😍

2020-01-10 Quite windy. #pdxtst

2020-01-07 🚀 Panorama of the dark side of the moon near Chang'e 4

2020-01-02 Winter evening.

2020-01-01 Me on the 29th, and then me on the 30th.

2020-01-01 Happy New Year 🥳

2019-12-29 Olive showing me a thing or two about #staycation.

2019-12-28 What team? I just want a folder that syncs, like it has, for I don’t even recall how long.

2019-12-26 Last night’s sunset.

2019-12-18 The only winning move is not to play.…

2019-12-17 It was a pretty sunrise today 😊

2019-12-15 Do decorations made of juniper smell like bad BO to anyone else, or is it just me?!

2019-12-12 A handy control in case you need to fine tune your zip code.

2019-12-05 Four months seems too short a policy for this, but it also highlights how long it has been since a …

2019-12-03 SE Portland, Oregon. 2nd December, 2019.

2019-12-03 Great! Now you just gotta go and turn that preference on in all your seventeen Slacks …

2019-11-25 Assorted Fall Sun Around the Neighborhood

2019-11-21 Things you are not speaking that your kitchen smart assistant is adding to your profile on the …

2019-11-18 I almost just clicked on an ad with a one action button in the place where sites usually put the …

2019-11-07 Bike Ride on the Banks Vernonia State Trail

2019-11-05 Slack on Mac seems to be getting worse, and I didn’t think that was possible.

2019-11-05 Voting by mail, as well as email notifications of every step along the way, are awesome. I love …

2019-11-04 I love the grain of this table top, especially after a good cleaning and conditioning.

2019-11-04 🕹 Really enjoying What the Golf on Apple Arcade these days 😄

2019-10-30 Three different fabrics in moderate light at home. I think there is some Deep Fusion at work here. I …

2019-10-30 Director Park. Portland, Oregon. 27th October, 2019.

2019-10-29 This would be helpful if it also noticed that dad’s address (and current location) is in a time zone …

2019-10-28 📷 Downtown Fall. Portland, Oregon. 27th October, 2019.

2019-10-26 Interesting sky this evening 😍

2019-10-24 Yesterday, chronologically.

2019-10-24 It had been a while since my last time at Mi Mero Mole. I was missing the deliciousness 😋

2019-10-21 iOS appearance settings for Portland #pdx

2019-10-18 With aspect ratio set to Square, iOS camera still captures outside the frame, i.e. things not shown. …

2019-10-17 Scenes from a morning walk last Sunday.

2019-10-15 It’s working out.

2019-10-15 Next version of iOS (13.2, not out yet) has a bunch of new emojis including many that relate to …

2019-10-10 I’ve been enjoying Matcha for an afternoon boost, replacing my previous favorite Coke Zero.

2019-10-08 the fuck is this shit?!

2019-10-07 Picked some quinces and pears over the weekend. Bonus: Olive climbing a tree. Photos of me by …

2019-10-06 😋

2019-10-04 All communication software should let a person enter a time in their timezone, implicitly or …

2019-10-02 A Little Crystal Saguaro

2019-09-28 T. A. Moulton Barn, aka “the most photographed barn in America”. 19th September, 2019.

2019-09-27 iPhone 11 Pro camera is too fast for the LEDs on my gym machines, so I had to use a new feature to get my usual photo

2019-09-26 First photo with my new phone captures Olive’s reaction to a smartphone with three cameras.

2019-09-26 That’s a really good price to have Sam Jackson call you a motherfucker. …

2019-09-26 These roses don’t give up.

2019-09-25 Panorama at Antelope Flats. 19th September, 2019.

2019-09-25 Macmillan wants to limit readers’ access to new eBook titles through libraries. This is not only …

2019-09-25 The screen right after I redeemed a $100 gift card. Apple continues to shove Apple Music in my face …

2019-09-24 A plane lands at Jackson Hole Airport. 17th September, 2019.

2019-09-23 Inferno Cone at Craters of the Moon National Monument. Arco, Idaho. 16th September, 2019.

2019-09-23 And the award for the shittiest dialog box ever on iOS goes to… For context, this is on my …

2019-09-23 A curious Jenni.

2019-09-22 Biking along the mountains in the Grand Teton National Park was absolutely breathtaking.

2019-09-13 A vibration like the speaker one that spits out the water in the Apple Watch, but for lint out of …

2019-09-13 If people in the iPhone supply/delivery chain decide to join in on the climate strike and I get my …

2019-09-13 I was convinced I’d get the Midnight Green one until last night. Then I changed to Silver. We’ll see …

2019-09-11 Twenty Years Living in the US

2019-09-10 RIP Robert Frank.

2019-09-09 Everyday I set an alarm for around 6am on my Apple Watch. And yet… P. S. Maybe this event will usher …

2019-09-04 Once again it’s the time of the year when I wake up at sunrise.

2019-09-02 One rose on its branch is reaching for the sky.

2019-08-29 I switched my weather complication from Dark Sky to built-in Weather and my Apple Watch Series 4 …

2019-08-27 I need a new keyboard. This one keeps putting bugs in my code.

2019-08-27 Absolutely gorgeous photographs: Closer Encounters with Reuben Wu

2019-08-26 Looking forward to trying out the fresh new NetNewsWire bits. I already use Feedbin so am just going …

2019-08-23 WFH Vignette #29: When you get sucked into work and realize 45 minutes later that you’re still …

2019-08-22 Upgrading From an External RAID 0 of Two Hard Disks to a Single SSD

2019-08-19 Wore a polo shirt today, but it’s chilly so I put on a hoodie for the morning. I feel like …

2019-08-17 Be The Spectacle

2019-08-12 Camping at South Beach State Park

2019-08-07 Relaxation with Olive. /cc @macgenie

2019-08-05 Morning coffee on most days: First 100 ml – 😊 Second 100 ml – 🕴 Any more – 🤢

2019-08-02 It’s a rainy morning today but these are from a rainy morning last week.

2019-07-30 Twitter Trends feels more “in-your-face” with the new interface design. Pro-tip: Change …

2019-07-27 Nice gradient of colors at sunset last night.

2019-07-25 Flowers around the house. Thanks to Jenni 😊

2019-07-22 We let the artichokes go to flower, and wow, they make really pretty flowers!

2019-07-21 Walk with Refugees and Immigrants

2019-07-20 It will cost you countless hours and dollars to deal with identity theft and it will cost them …

2019-07-16 It’s been a looking-at-clouds kinda day.

2019-07-14 You turned up the volume when you were watching a video on your always-on iMac in your home office. …

2019-07-09 Woodburn Premium Outlets. Woodburn, Oregon. 6th July, 2019.

2019-07-08 Every time I start iTunes. For over a year. Because I cancelled subscriptions.

2019-07-08 Someday she will be a master gardener.

2019-07-05 Bikes have a home. After and before.

2019-06-25 Sunday was new bike day 🙂 📷 @jennijelsing

2019-06-24 My Apple Watch: Hey its 50 past the hour. Time to stand up! Me: In a minute. My Apple Watch: Hey its …

2019-06-15 I think this plant was supposed to have purple roses but it seems to only produce them selectively.

2019-06-15 Someone is not happy about this situation.

2019-06-15 Neighbors.

2019-06-14 Doggo in sunbeam.

2019-06-09 From Couch to Dog Mountain

2019-06-08 Did my biggest hike today. 3.5 miles, 2800 ft elevation, and back. This was about halfway up. Photo …

2019-06-07 New bike lanes on Foster looking really nice. Sky is being all moody.

2019-06-07 Spring in the neighborhood.

2019-06-07 At C Bar a few days ago.

2019-06-07 ☁️⛅️🌦🌩⛈🌧🌤. Repeat. #pdxtst

2019-06-04 Mac Pro always felt like something I didn’t need but would be nice if I were to upgrade to it. With …

2019-06-02 Anxiety and Unhealthy Side Effects of Activity Streaks

2019-05-27 Sunset on Foster Road. Portland, Oregon. 26th May, 2019.

2019-05-26 We made a raised gardening bed last weekend, filled it with dirt yesterday, and Jenni planted …

2019-05-25 Mail and Keys Organizer

2019-05-23 So Nationalism tightens its grip on India as well.

2019-05-16 PSA: Something ripped a big hole in the Milky Way, and we have no idea what it is. This happened …

2019-05-10 When you get to the gym and realize you forgot your headphones at home 😞

2019-05-01 This new composite photo of the Large Magellanic Cloud created by amateur astronomers is gorgeous! …

2019-04-30 Hiking at Coyote Wall

2019-04-26 Friends, especially those in Portland, this is great project by good people. Back them on …

2019-04-25 It’s that time of the year in the neighborhood.

2019-04-23 PSA: It’s about time to cancel Apple News+ if you signed up for the free trial at launch and …

2019-04-20 Got some yard work done on this lovely day.

2019-04-17 A short break on a muddy spot. From a few weeks ago.

2019-04-16 Importing Foursquare/Swarm history into Day One

2019-04-14 Initial experience with Setapp

2019-04-12 It’s that time of the biennial.

2019-04-11 When rain gave way to the setting Sun, briefly the other day 😍

2019-04-09 I went down memory lane and discovered that Federico Viticci reviewed my first and only indie iOS …

2019-04-09 Hiking at Angel's Rest

2019-04-06 Who doesn’t like a nice sunbeam on a cool spring day?

2019-04-06 🙋‍♀️🌸

2019-03-30 It was a nice day for a hike. St. Johns Bridge from Ridge Trail. Portland, Oregon. 30th March, 2019.

2019-03-30 Stop. 🌥.

2019-03-28 It boggles my mind that the Activity app on the Apple Watch shows percentage completed for the …

2019-03-27 It took five months of hard work, with zero support from Jenni, but I finally finished all the …

2019-03-27 Ha ha ha! This is awesome:…

2019-03-26 Friends who live in Oregon, please consider sending an email to the legislature today in support of …

2019-03-25 A tabletop shelf/box for the kitchen

2019-03-24 Lazy Sunday Olive

2019-03-22 Closed the move ring on my Apple Watch while repeatedly getting potato chips out of a bag over the …

2019-03-22 Decided to learn some JavaScript stuff today and now my head hurts.

2019-03-22 Love this post by Justin where he describes how he went about using a diagram from an old …

2019-03-21 Switched to Twitter’s new design on their website, and within a few minutes I’d …

2019-03-20 This claim of fair use is a flagrant disregard of a photographer’s copyright and sets a really …

2019-03-11 Is there a way to create a link (like an alias) from Finder to an album that lives in Photos? So …

2019-03-07 Family selfie 🥰

2019-03-05 Is there a way to save a session in Safari? I have twelve tabs in a window regarding a project, and …

2019-02-28 I hope next time this challenge is not for the shortest month of the year 😅

2019-02-28 OMG these comics:… 💯

2019-02-25 Folks in the Portland area, please take a moment to comment on ODOT’s proposal to expand I-5 …

2019-02-22 Mt. Tabor Park. Portland, Oregon. 20th February, 2019.

2019-02-21 Our dinner tonight is also going to be our band name someday: Cheese Tacos and the Leftovers™️

2019-02-21 🌤

2019-02-21 Mt. Tabor Park. Portland, Oregon. 20th February, 2019.

2019-02-20 Made this last night. It was yummy. I didn’t find Jamaican curry powder so went with regular …

2019-02-18 OH: “Smashing garlic using a knife blade and got a SOS message from my Watch that it had …

2019-02-13 Dear @Apple, I fixed this for you.

2019-02-13 Woodstock, Portland, Oregon. 10th February, 2018.

2019-02-10 South Tabor, Portland, Oregon. 6th February, 2018.

2019-02-07 Wholeheartedly agree with this article that this feature is utter trash for so many reasons: …

2019-02-05 iOS lets you clear a notification on a locked device. That not right. Dear @Apple, please fix. …

2019-02-01 I’m glad I made this crosscut sled. Just spent about an hour making 232 cuts for box joints on four …

2019-01-31 Olive wants to help.

2019-01-30 Incredibly foolhardy of Apple’s team to make the request. It is akin to reporting a leak in a …

2019-01-29 Here comes the polar vortex. Stay warm midwest! (And thank goodness for the Rocky Mountains that …

2019-01-28 Foster-Powell. Portland, Oregon. 12th January, 2019.

2019-01-27 Good to see biometric privacy being taken seriously in the legal system in the US! …

2019-01-25 Foster Road. Portland, Oregon. 21st January, 2019.

2019-01-25 Every time I see video that was started in portrait but then the person switched it to landscape …

2019-01-24 Stop sign messaging.

2019-01-21 ☁️ Last ☁️ night’s ☁️ total ☁️ lunar ☁️ eclipse ☁️ in ☁️ Portland ☁️ #pdxtst ☁️

2019-01-18 📷 Southern Arizona Foliage <…>

2019-01-18 If you’re in Portland, check out this ten minute survey for E-Scooter pilots: …

2019-01-18 Uh oh. Is Apple getting desperate?!

2019-01-18 Spinning this back up. It’s been a while 👋

2017-05-11 So wonderful:…

2017-05-08 Essential oil diffuser or voice activated assistant? 🤔 #whatisit

2016-04-16 On buying a house

2015-12-29 Revival

2010-10-11 Thirty-four

2010-08-01 Goodbye Yoshi

2010-04-03 Hello Small Society

2010-01-03 Liz is making films

2009-10-29 Stranger in a Strange Land [Book]

2009-10-11 Thirty-three

2009-09-29 Yoshi

2009-09-14 Of Flying Boats and Wineries

2009-09-09 Red Stars and Other Netflix Musings

2009-08-08 New version of Avatari adds Adium support

2009-06-21 Why I

2009-06-13 Don't just eat any thing

2009-06-07 Avatari 0.2.2

2009-05-30 Practicing Photography

2009-05-22 I'm doing other stuff too

2009-04-18 Avatari now supports AddressBook, iChat, Shizzow and auto-updating!

2009-04-01 Announcing Avatari

2009-03-21 Avatari Teaser

2009-01-22 My first job: web design

2008-11-22 My experience with the Wii

2008-11-05 Happy Obama Day!

2008-10-11 Thirty-two

2008-09-28 ff2tweet

2008-08-30 Trip to Porto, Portugal

2008-06-19 What's going on?

2008-05-06 New version of LazyEngine

2008-04-16 Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion

2008-04-02 Engaged

2008-03-16 Time to play again

2008-03-09 [Snacks] Left Hook Lager, counting votes, another smoothie recipe

2008-02-20 My first website

2008-02-18 [Snacks] I Want Sandy, Helvetica, Beer and Blog, MarsEdit

2008-02-16 Announcing LazyEngine

2008-02-16 Updated website and migrated blog

2008-02-09 Obama FTW!

2008-01-19 One year with a Voigtländer Bessa R2A rangefinder

2008-01-13 [Snacks] Warren Zevon, Dali Atomicus, a smoothie recipe...

2007-12-27 A selection of my photos from 2007

2007-12-13 Moving in two spaces

2007-07-30 The Machine is Us/ing Us

2007-07-04 Back

2006-10-01 Stark Street

2006-09-27 Downloadable media

2006-07-11 Bombay blasts

2006-06-20 The reviews are in …

2006-06-13 It was bound to happen

2006-06-07 Google Spreadsheets and some related idle speculation

2006-05-27 Early experience with a rangefinder camera

2006-05-20 Short stories

2006-05-10 Galactic Traveler

2006-05-04 Stumptown People

2006-04-26 No way Netflix!

2006-04-16 Improving the sound quality of iPod earphones

2006-03-15 Gorgeousness and gorgeosity

2006-02-27 A couple of cool NPR shows

2006-02-14 “Holgafy” photo contest

2006-01-14 The way we were

2006-01-02 The Search

2005-12-30 My photography in 2005

2005-12-29 On Intelligence

2005-12-28 Moving in cyberspace

2005-12-28 Moved

2005-12-28 450 days

2004-10-04 Somebody set up us the bomb

2004-09-20 Wikipedia reaches 1e06 milestone

2004-08-18 Google doodles with search results

2004-08-11 Japan deploys solar sail

2004-08-10 Great aerial photos

2004-07-21 Stick Figure Animation

2004-07-07 Got Blog?


2004-07-01 Saturn by Cassini

2004-06-23 Digital Library of India

2004-06-21 Space travel account

2004-06-16 Back to blogging

2004-05-25 I'm glad I mostly type it

2004-05-21 UnbelievablePerson? RemarkableChap? Superman!

2004-05-21 Speculation on Apple Computer's future

2004-05-20 What do you listen to?

2004-05-19 Funny Commencement Addresses

2004-05-19 It's dot org!

2004-05-12 For the wannabe PhDs

2004-05-11 Sony PSP and Nintendo DS

2004-05-10 First Post!