I got sick of reposting to Twitter what I had just posted to FriendFeed. I was doing that to enable conversations in both networks. I tried twitterfeed and Yahoo! Pipes, before deciding to just write a tool to do exactly what I wanted.

ff2tweet is a tool to convert a FriendFeed post into a tweet and post it to Twitter. It does so while ensuring that the tweet is within the character limit and incorporates any comment made by the user when posting on FriendFeed. It also inspects the link in the post to shorten and add to the tweet as necessary.

ff2tweet is written in Python and I run it as a cron job on a server. It uses the FriendFeed and Twitter APIs to accomplish its task. It does what I wanted to do but it is a quick hack and there is definitely room for improvement. All feedback appreciated. The code is available on github. Join in!

I’m on FriendFeed at http://friendfeed.com/samgrover and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/samgrover.