Jenni and I got married on the equinox with a short and sweet courthouse ceremony 😊

A couple dressed in wedding attire stands under cherry blossom trees, with the woman holding a bouquet. The background shows a park with people and buildings.

We were joined by two good friends who served as witnesses. The view from the courthouse was really nice.

Four people smiling for a selfie indoors with a scenic view of a river and bridges in the background. A man and woman in wedding attire are in the foreground, while two women in dresses stand behind them. The landscape suggests a sunny day.

It was a lovely day so we had an opportunity to get some pictures at the cherry blossoms by the river.

A happy couple dressed in wedding attire, the individual on the left in a suit and the individual on the right in a lace dress, smiling and posing for a photo under blooming cherry blossom trees.

Following that we got some drinks and snacks and that was that. It was all we had hoped for.

Two people dressed in formal attire sharing an affectionate kiss at a bar, surrounded by shelves stocked with bottles and green potted plants. The walls are made of emerald green tiles.

19th March, 2024 ❤️