A couple weekends ago we went hiking at Latourell Falls. It’s a lovely hike that has immediate view of the lower falls from the trailhead. There’s a short hike to the base of the lower falls. There’s also a separate loop hike that goes up and around those falls and comes across the higher falls. That’s the one we did.

Along the way we saw a number of mushrooms, some huge Devil’s Clubs (identified by the phone), and a whole lot of moss and trees. It’s a popular hike. There were people all along the way.

A tall thin waterfall backed by a large gray rock wall. Trees with fall colors in the foreground.

Dark orange mushrooms with even darker spots on them, growing out of the face of a fallen tree trunk.

Leaves in varying fall colors with spikes in their surface. A blurry backdrop of a small bridge and waterfall behind.

A waterfall coming downs a rock wall in a twist. Hikers walking towards it on the trail in the foreground.

A close view of a waterfall and the water below. A woman stands on the trail to the side of and in between the waterfall and a rock wall.

A woman hangs from a tree branch that goes over a hiking trail. Her knees are bent.

Flat yellowish mushrooms grow out the face of a fallen tree trunk. They are surrounded by green germs and leaves.

A woman on a hiking trail takes a picture of a bridge that goes over the trail.

Selfie of a man and a woman. The man in the foreground is blurry. The woman in the background is in sharp focus.

On a side note, I’m really enjoying the new iOS 17 feature that lets you choose the point of focus after taking the photo. I used that in the photo above.

Activity Stats and Map

Distance: 2.54 miles
Elevation Gain: 587 ft
Time (including breaks): 1h 34m