Steve Novick is running a really cool campaign for U.S. Senate here in Oreon and it’s great that Liz is part of it. They just released a campaign beer called “Left Hook Lager”. Liz made the label for that and wrote about it here. You can buy some for yourself. Also, check out this beer themed ad they came out with earlier this year.

On the subject of voting in general, I get the impression that people are so casual about counting the votes. It’s great to see The Onion impart its inimitable style to the issue. Attacks on voting machines can range from the sophisticated to the cleverly simple. Check out Black Box Voting for more info.

Oh, and here’s another yummy smoothie recipe: Some Blueberries, some raspberries (little more than the blueberries), one banana, vanilla extract (to taste), two glasses of rice milk. Blend. Serves two. It’s really nice. In fact I’m going to make it right now.