A new version of Mimi Uploader is now out with my favorite new feature in a while. You can now access your Recent Uploads for reference or export! 🎉

Recent Uploads can be accessed by the icon on the top left of the main screen. Once in there, you can see a list of your ten most recent uploads sessions. Each of those can be independently exported to get the URLs in Markdown or HTML. Now if you miss exporting right after an upload, or somehow lose the exported text, you can still get to it later. I hope you enjoy this feature and find it useful like I do.

This release has been a long time coming. Working on this app is another one of those things that’s slowed down in the pandemic. I’m hoping to give it more attention in the future and have a list of features and improvements that I would like to bring to you.

If you find Mimi useful, please let others know, and leave a rating and/or review. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support 😊

Images uploaded using Mimi.