Yesterday, I participated in the Stride Walk. Jenni ran the 8K and had a different start time and route. It was a lovely, cool, and sunny day.

A person takes a selfie amidst a large crowd wearing green shirts, some with festive accessories, at a starting line for a Shamrock Run event in Portland.

A park scene with cherry blossoms in partial bloom. People are walking along a path, some wearing green shirts, with a person seated on a bench. In the background, a steel bridge spans a river.

A person standing in a park on a sunny day, wearing a green shirt with the “FoPo Running Club” logo, a numbered bib, a finisher’s medal, a cap, and glasses.

Activity Stats

Distance: 3.77 miles
Elevation Gain: 105 ft
Time: 1h 02m

P.S. The route was a loop from Naito Parkway, to Steel bridge, to Tilikum bridge, and back to Naito. It was supposed to be 4 miles but the turn after Tilikum was changed for some reason to Bond Ave. instead of Moody Ave. I was puzzled and wanted to ask the volunteer there but they were on a phone call, and I didn’t want to stop.