LizMeet Liz. She likes to travel. When she isn't traveling, she might be in Portland or Nepal. Right now she is in Asia where she is on assignment from Village Focus International. Through her words and photography she will bring to us a taste of the life in Cambodia as she documents the grassroots development efforts of village folk. She will put nuggets of it on her professional blog.

Her personal blog is Galactic Traveler. There you can read her story and experiences over the years. Many of the posts tell interesting stories about her time in Afghanistan working for the UN for the last two years. See the one about the changes in Afghan society, the one about the bombing outside her office, or the one about Kabul, which has a really cool photo.

She has a wonderful spirit of adventure and discovery, coupled with courage, resolve and that elusive human quality that makes instant friends of strangers. As one of those erstwhile strangers, I wish her the very best in her endeavours.