A person hiking on a desert trail surrounded by various cacti, including tall saguaros and bushy cholla, with a mountain in the background under a clear sky.

Desert landscape with several tall saguaro cacti, smaller cholla cacti, and prickly pear shrubs in the foreground, against a backdrop of a mountain range under a clear blue sky.

Rocky desert terrain with sparse vegetation and several tall saguaro cacti against a clear blue sky.

Desert trail with saguaro cacti and stone ruins under a blue sky.

Large rock formation with petroglyphs, surrounded by desert vegetation including saguaro cacti, under a bright blue sky.

Person walking on a trail through a desert landscape with cacti in the foreground and mountains in the background, under a clear blue sky.

Three people walking on a dry path surrounded by large trees with yellowing leaves under a clear blue sky.

Pond with floating green water plants and scattered autumn leaves, with visible waterbed and stones on the edge.

Autumn foliage with yellow leaves stands out among green shrubs against a backdrop of distant mountains and a clear blue sky, with saguaro cacti dotting the foreground.

A panoramic view of a mountainous landscape with green vegetation and a winding road.