Recent Uploads currently shows the uploads you make from Mimi Uploader. After the next update it will also show uploads made to your account from anywhere else 🎉

Mimi is primarily a batch uploader and that is my favorite way of using it. I like to make blog posts that have a set of photos, and making that process smoother was the motivation to create Mimi in the first place. As such, each batch of photos shows up in Recent Uploads as a set.

The other uploads to a account are only accessible as individual images. So the UI challenge before me was how to show these other types of recent uploads. At first I started to make a new screen that listed all the uploads on an account but that wasn’t working, primary reason being that it was boring af. After mulling it over I came up with an interface that feels better as a part of Mimi, and that’s illustrated in the video below:

All uploads on the account show up inline with the sets of Mimi uploads in the same reverse chronological list that is in the current version. There are subtle UI differences between the two types in the list, e.g. the background color for each kind of post is different. On the top right is a filter button that lets you filter for one type or another, if you choose to do so.

Exporting still works the same way with a right swipe. Sets of uploads made from Mimi can still be deleted with a left swipe. As always this only deletes the batch from Mimi and doesn’t affect the uploaded images. Other uploads don’t offer the deletion because they are representing the images on and not an uploaded set. This may cause confusion but I currently don’t have a design to avoid that. Got ideas?

I should have a beta out by this weekend so you can try this feature out if you like. To get on the beta, sign up for it with TestFlight.