On Sunday I went to a meetup and photo walk with the team behind Glass. It was wonderful to see old friends, and to make new ones. Glass has a great community, as has become more evident with these gatherings.

A silhouette of people walking under a shade structure with a basketball hoop in the middle. Many of the people have cameras in their hands. There’s a red brick building and a field in the distance.

Close in view of speckled shadows on a red and blue play structure. Some blurred green trees in the background.

A man holds a camera pointing straight at the viewer. He’s lit by the warm glow of the afternoon sun. The entire background is blue sky with a few puffy clouds.

A man holds a camera pointing to the left of the viewer. He’s standing atop a structure. The background is blue sky with a couple of puffy clouds.

People with cameras are scattered about taking photos in a field with green grass and rose beds. In the background is a house with trees on both sides, and a bit of blue sky above.

A shiny motorcycle with some bright blue parts is parked by the side of a road. In the background is some yellow metal scaffolding, orange traffic cones, and some trees lining the other side of the road.

Close up of a stack of green plastic pipes. Each one is about 12 to 18 inches in diameter.