Downtown grit

A textured metal sculpture in the foreground with a modern building featuring reflective pink and purple windows in the background, and bare tree branches overlaying the scene.

A downwards tilting street sign reading “SW 5th AV” and a sticker on its surface with a hand drawn penis and the words, “suck dick”.

Two potted plants placed on a makeshift windshield ledge of a truck with faded blue paint on the glass, and yellow lower section, with a sign above that reads, “Mexican food”.

A person taking a selfie in a window reflecting an urban street scene with parked cars. The window has a grid of white dots.

A low-angle view of a tall modern skyscraper with a glass facade against a cloudy sky.

A vertical stack of weathered spherical stones of varying sizes, seemingly carved or sculpted, mounted outdoors on a pedestal with an urban background comprising trees and buildings. The stones have hand written numbers from 1 to 19, top to bottom.