A few years ago we did a bike ride that went along the Columbia Slough and some wetlands to Kelley Point Park which is at the confluence of the Wilamette and Columbia rivers. At the time it was the longest bike ride either of us had done. We have recalled that ride fondly over the years. Today, on a very pleasant and sunny Fall day, we did it again!

Sandy beach with two rivers meeting beyond.

Jenni with her bike navigating around the logs on a wet river beach.

Jenni enjoying a snack sitting on a log on the beach by the river. Sauvie island trees visible across the river.

An elaborate fort made of driftwood on the sandy beach with trees behind.

Jenni on her bike on a shaded trail overlooking the river beach.

An interesting looking building with roof resembling the bow of a ship.

A dirt road with tree and other wood debris and a single red Target shopping cart in the midst.

A row of ducks on a log in the river close to the bank.

Activity Stats

Distance: 20 miles
Elevation Gain: 155 ft
Time (including breaks): 2h 23m

A map showing the path of the bike ride.

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