This has been a watershed year for my photography. I’ve always had a casual interest in it, but this year I invested time and money into practicing it. The time came from shunning TV. I don’t miss it. I recommend it. The money required was less than what would have been necessary in a pre-digital age. That made it affordable. has been a great influence as it has provided me with a community with whom to share, discuss, and enjoy photography. Thanks to all of them! I’ve added two photos below that I liked a lot. You can click on them to see larger versions on flickr.

Man on sidewalk

Yatch on Puget Sound

I deliberately chose one B&W and one color photo. I like working with both. The B&W shot is film and the colored one is digital. Interestingly, both were very quick shots, about ten seconds from identifying to clicking. Both were taken on a street, first one in Portland and the second one in Seattle. I like taking pictures on the street and that is where I focus my efforts, even though these photos don't present the flavor of street photography that I like. In that regard, I particularly admire the work of Garry Winogrand.