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Magic Trackpad 2 or: How I Started to Prefer Gestures and Taps to Gripping and Clicking

About three months ago I heard of someone using a trackpad with their non-dominant hand at their Mac. Now I’d heard of such a use before but this time I had a trackpad lying around. I’d gotten it with my Mac instead of a mouse because I already had a mouse, but had stashed it away. So I got it out and set it up for my left hand.

A month passed. I was using it rarely. One day the battery in my mouse ran out in the middle of the workday, so I plugged it in and moved the trackpad over to the right side.

A day passed, and the mouse had long been charged, so I unplugged it, but for whatever reason I kept using the trackpad.

A week passed and I realized that I was liking the trackpad a lot more than the mouse. So I put the mouse in the closet.

Now two months have passed and I can’t think of going back. The gestures are intuitive and I’ve found several operations to be a lot smoother.

I’m a happy Magic Trackpad 2 user 😊.