This is about an iOS/iPadOS app I make, called Mimi Uploader.

The Past

This is all from memory, so let me apologize in advance for any errors/omissions.

The concept of Mimi Uploader as an app came about gradually. First I started using regularly. I like putting together sets of photos, so I often have posts with those. Soon thereafter I realized it was a pain to manage uploading a series of photos for a post. Thankfully provided an API. So I wrote a python script that would do that from the command line on my Mac, and that greatly eased the friction.

Some time later I noticed that very often I was taking the step of moving photos from my phone to my Mac (or over iCloud), exporting them, and then using the script to do the upload. Often even for single photos. This increased over time as I used my big camera less often and most of my photos came from the iPhone.

Now, I’m always looking for app ideas to try and improve my skills as a professional iOS developer. It was with that in mind that I started the side project that later came to be Mimi Uploader.

I didn’t want to make the app free as I was wary of supporting too many users and feature requests for a side project. This was just before subscriptions on iOS became a focus of Apple and a source of much consternation amongst the community. And I wasn’t ready to wade into that for this side project so I set it up as a one-time purchase for $4.99. Mimi has remained at that price since it started in early 2020.

As time passed, people in the community started to notice and recommend it, and even encouraged, supported, and promoted it, for which they all have my gratitude.

Since Mimi Uploader was a side project that helped me learn and acquire new skills on iOS I was glad to put in the time to maintain it when I had any to spare. And yes, the evolution of software platforms means that there is a constant need for that labor. At some point I thought that perhaps people want to support ongoing maintenance, so I added a tip jar in the app. And some people tipped some times, for which they have my gratitude as well.

Every enhancement has been implemented because I wanted it, or because someone in the community asked for it.

And now four years have passed in total.

The Present

Mimi Uploader remains a passion project that is at the mercy of my spare time and spare motivation. So I continue with maintenance and small enhancements every now and then.

I should also mention that in the intervening four years that march of software platform evolution has led to a plethora of ways to accomplish what Mimi does, further diminishing its utility.

The Future

I have no idea. What do you think?

Edited to add: This is not a call for feature requests. There’s already an extensive list of that.