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Cookware Rack

A little over a year ago Jenni and I made this wall mounted cookware hanging rack.

Boards mounted on a wall horizontally, with hardware mounted to the boards and pans and decorative items hanging off the hardware.

We’ve been wanting a place to put our pans for a while It’s tedious to manage them in a drawer or cabinet, if you can even fit them in there. Often some would just stay on the stove and need to be moved out of the way when cooking. Whenever I would see pans hanging, in person or in a photo, it seemed like the best solution. We had space on only one wall in the kitchen, so that decision was easy.

Pans can be heavy and our walls are lathe and plaster, so mounting just about anywhere was out of the question. And so the construction method was narrowed down to boards mounted to studs, with hardware to hang the pans.

We went to the amazing local woodworking store where they have finished dimensional lumber and narrowed down our choice based primarily on cost. We wanted a dark color, and I already had dark walnut stain from the mail and keys organizer I made a while back.

Back home, I cut the boards to length. We wanted a tight fit and the two ends, door frame and wall, weren’t super plumb so there were a lot of measurements and dry fitting before we had a set of boards that were just right. It was time to apply the stain and let it rest.

A triptych of ca can of dark walnut stain, lumber stacked in a store showing a price of $4.29 per linear foot, and Jenni applying the stain to the boards while wearing a respirator.

After that it was a straightforward process of screwing in the boards to the studs while using a couple of small blocks to space them evenly.

A triptych showing progression of boards being arranged and mounted on to the wall, and with hardware attached.

Once that was done, we installed a couple of IKEA rails that we had and the rack was ready to use. In the days that followed we sourced some nice hooks and Jenni put up a couple of planters and some homegrown produce.

A diptych showing details of various things hanging off the rack, a planter, dry red chillis, a bunch of garlic pigtailed together and a small plant watering can.

It’s been over a year and this has totally been worth it. I highly recommend utilizing vertical space in the kitchen where you can.

P.S. This blog post should’ve been written about a year ago. Anyway, it’s been written now.

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