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Sneak peek at a new feature coming soon to Mimi Uploader

Recent Uploads currently shows the uploads you make from Mimi Uploader. After the next update it will also show uploads made to your account from anywhere else 🎉 Mimi is primarily a batch uploader and that is my favorite way of using it. I like to make blog posts that have a set of photos, and making that process smoother was the motivation to create Mimi in the first place.

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Contemplating making Mimi Uploader a free app, supported with ads. I would only do this in a way that those who bought it never see ads. All new users would see ads. I may still keep the Tip Jar.

What do you think of this potential change? Would love to hear from people who use it and those who may use it in the future.

I’m trying out a new image layout algorithm for the main screen on Mimi Uploader. The idea is to utilize more of the screen real estate and to adjust the size of each photo based on the total number.

Here’s a before/after in the portrait orientation.

And here’s one in the landscape orientation.

I’m quite encouraged by this and already finding it useful in development.

What do you think?