Bathroom Rack

I built a wall-mounted rack for a bathroom and am quite happy with how it turned out.

The bathroom on the main level in our house is used occasionally by us. It is also the one that is used by visitors. It has never had a good place to put stuff. The sink doesn’t have enough room on it for anything besides the soap, and there is no vanity cabinet in which to put things. We decided a long time ago that there needed to be something.

It is a small room, so the only real option was a wall, and this was pretty much the only place to mount something like this on the wall in a manner that it wasn’t in the way, or in an awkward spot.

At some point I came across this video and realized that this design could work well. The main constraint as shown in the video was depth. This was also the case in our bathroom so as to not interfere with the shower door next to it. A secondary constraint was the light switches but that was straightforward to design around. Also, unlike that video, I couldn’t drill the sides into a wall because there is just trim board on one side and stone tiles on the other. So I made some adjustments to adapt that design to our needs.

And so many months ago I got the materials. Then something or the other delayed the project but a couple months ago I finally started on it. And in small increments I built it up. A few weeks ago and after some mistakes and corrections, I finally applied paint and finish, and mounted it.

Here’s how it looks in perspective with a wide angle lens.

P.S. The video I linked is from the Darbin Orvar channel, of which I’m a fan, and have followed for many years. Highly recommended!

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