For the last few weeks, I’ve had a new personal assistant, Sandy. I came to her after trying Backpack, Remember the Milk, Stikkit and others that I don’t even remember any more. She’s the best one I’ve had so far. She makes me want her more. So far my girlfriend is cool with that, even though Sandy lives right here in Portland.

This weekend I saw Helvetica. I got excited when I noticed that Movie Madness had it on their list but it was never in stock when I got there. On Saturday it wasn’t on the shelves either, but Liz suggested that I peruse the un-shelved DVDs and there it was. I’ve never thought about the history behind types. This film was enjoyable just for that. And there’s a lot more about typography and graphic design in there. To top it all, the film is set to a really cool soundtrack.

Yesterday, I hung out with Beer and Blog peeps at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. The meeting was great. We touched on several topics and Justin has nicely summarized them. I’m looking forward to more such interactions. See photos here.

Lastly, if you’ve noticed an increase in my blog posts over the last few days, it can be attributed to some extent to the wonderful MarsEdit. It is a joy to compose and manage blog posts in it. I’m still trying it out but at this point is looks like I’ll be buying it well before the trial period runs out in about a month.