I’ve never blogged about my birthday before, which is strange because I’ve had thirty-one of them. A few seconds ago I turned thirty-two.

Here are some personally memorable events since my last birthday:

  • October - Made a trip to India for dad's 60th birthday celebration.
  • January - Got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Two had to be dug out. Was on a soup diet for a couple of weeks.
  • February - Created the first version of the LazyEngine.
  • March - Asked Liz to marry me. She said yes. Bought a Wii. The engagement was decidedly more memorable, but the Wii has been fun too :-)
  • April - Attended a concert by Zakir Hussain and met him.
  • May - Went to the hot springs at Brietenbush. Sis and niece came over to visit. We all had a great time.
  • June - Moved to a new place right next to the river in NW Portland. Liz spoke at Ignite Portland 3.
  • July - Liz and I made a trip to Maine to visit her parents and to spend the 4th of July holiday with them. Later that month, I traveled to Porto, Portugal to attend a conference. Lovely little city. It was my first time in Europe.
  • August - Liz and I had our Portland wedding. Our New Delhi wedding is in December. We went to Crater Lake for a weekend. Beautiful place. Our first time there. I traveled to San Francisco to showcase my work.
  • September - I hacked together ff2tweet. Hope to refine it further in the future.
It was a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to the next one.

And lastly, here’s more about the number 32.