The new version requires iOS 14 and utilizes its new system photo picker. This enables you to easily browse and search your entire library to add photos to upload. You are no longer restricted to the recent few thousand photos.

As a result of this change Mimi no longer requires or asks for Photos permission. Yay for privacy! You will never be prompted for that again. Only the photos you explicitly add will now be accessible to Mimi and shown in the grid.

This update also adds:

  • Support for PNG files to preserve their format.
  • Larger photo preview in the grid.
  • Contextual menus on photos in the grid and on some action buttons. Press and hold to discover these.

I hope you will like this update and please do let me know any feedback you may have. I’m now working on adding new features to the app and hope to write about that soon. Thank you for your continued support! 😊

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