I was thinking about getting more of those AcuRite sensors for expanding my home climate monitoring when I realized that I already have a couple of devices recording this and other data.

Screenshot showing charts of temperature, humidity, and air quality time series.

These include my Ecobee Thermostat and Remote Sensor and my IQAir AirVisual Pro. Both of these have means of getting the data off of them using an API. This blog post by Den Delimarsky really helped with the IQAir API. Ecobee API was straightforward. And after some coding and testing, I had a couple of scripts running that could pull metrics from them and send them to influxdb. So now I have a few more data points for existing metrics, and have added air quality to it.

In the previous blog post , I wrote:

Iā€™m going to take a break from any further optimizing/tweaking for now.

Well, that didn’t happen! But maybe now šŸ¤”

P.S. The screenshot above illustrates a few other things:

  • How I got the scripts going in starts and stops as I figured out the issues in having them always running.
  • A macOS update that I started before heading out for a few hours, which led to a large gap because I still have all of this on my desktop Mac.
  • The dots show how some data was reduced in granularity overnight because of device settings that put it to sleep. So I changed those settings the next day.