Part of my gym routine involves using a treadmill. And each time after I complete that, I take a photo of the readout.

This morning I took one with my new iPhone 11 Pro and got the following photo.


As you can see, parts of the readout were invisible or clipped. I think it is because the speed of the default camera app in those conditions is just too fast in comparison to the refresh rates on that LED readout. The cameras can go really fast with shutter speeds, but there’s a lot of computational photography involved, so the final composite shutter speed may vary.

Luckily I noticed this right away, and decided to use the new “night mode” feature which allows you to effectively slow down the shutter speed while maintaining stability. And that got me the following photo.

Proper, with longer exposure.

Phew! This is readable.

P.S. For details on the new camera capabilities, check out this great article by Halide.