Over the last week I framed and installed a window in the shed in our yard.

As part of this project, I also started using a “real” video editor. I’ve edited videos in the past using iMovie, but this was quite different, as expected, and it was fun to pick up a lot of the beginner level skills in the process.

The editor I used was DaVinci Resolve, mostly because it has a version available for free and it is a very capable app for video editing on the Mac.

I watched a YouTube video to learn how to get going and to get familiar with the interface. Then I would search when I wanted to figure out how to do something specific as I went along e.g. extracting a frame to use as a thumbnail.

Hubble flexing before JWST goes fully operational – Record Broken: Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen

Backyard fire at sunset.

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Got a new card for my driver license. 2014 (Left) vs 2022 (Right).

And… as a GIF!

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Had a great time at Micro camp yesterday and today. Great talks that had me thinking about how I can apply some of that wisdom and knowledge to my own blogging and app development journey. Thank you all!

Looking up during winter sunsets.

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Given today’s date, here are 10 facts about the number two.

It is the smallest prime.

It is written as 10 in binary.

Contemplating making Mimi Uploader a free app, supported with ads. I would only do this in a way that those who bought it never see ads. All new users would see ads. I may still keep the Tip Jar.

What do you think of this potential change? Would love to hear from people who use it and those who may use it in the future.

A street vendor sets up strawberries for sale in Mahabaleshwar. December, 2021.

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