Vania Vananina

Vania is a visual artist. She works with various media. Here we see her working with ceramics. Vania grew up in Baja California, where the landscape and culture are effused with colors. This shows in her studio and in her work.

You can see more of her work and buy her creations via her website at


Vania shows some recycled clay that she’s preparing to use.

Turning the clay to take shape requires a gentle but firm grip. The removed material can find new life in a future project.


Occasionally if an object comes off the wheel, Vania scores the bottom so that it will grip the wheel once more until it is fully turned.

When the turning is complete, a wire assists with detaching the object from the wheel.

Turned objects are placed aside to air dry before they can be baked in the kiln.


Vania applies glaze to a bowl. While the process of applying glaze requires focus, the choice of design and color comes from her innate need to be playful with her work.


Glazed objects are placed in the kiln where they will be baked at 3000 degrees for several hours to permanently take on their form.


Vania holds an asteroid from her “Vania’s Universe” collection.